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Living in Xuzhou

About The City

Jiangsu Institute of Architectural Technology is in Xuzhou. Xuzhou is one of the most important transportation hubs in East China, located just in the middle of Beijing and Shanghai, only 2.5 hours bullet train ride. Excellent transport links to the international metropolises make Xuzhou an ideal location. Xuzhou is home to about 9.50 million residents and offers lots of parks and lovely country fields as well as excellent shopping, recreation and cultural facilities.

There are lots of fun things to do near the campus – we have a national forest park right opposite our gate, a lake where you can take part in water sports and there are a number of gyms and swimming pools. We also have several cinemas, an ice rink, a theatre, an arts centre and lots of restaurants and bars to choose from. The town centre is home to a large mall with hundreds of shops, catering and leisure outlets.

Cost of Living

We are very proud to be able to offer our international students accommodation on campus, for convenience and safety. The accommodation fee covering a whole year costs ¥4000. In addition to your tuition fee and accommodation fee, we’d recommend budgeting for around RMB18, 000 for living expenses over a year. Of course, this figure is an indication and will vary for each individual. Everyone knows that one person’s weekly budget might only last another person a couple of days. We’re aiming to give you a good idea of costs, but much depends on your own personal choices. Here are some costs of basic goods for your information:

The following is only a very rough breakdown of costs per month for a single student. Remember there might be other one-off costs for example for insurance or travel costs if you’d like to visit other parts of China while you’re here.